Made in space: 3D printer heading into orbit
CBS News
3D printing is going out of this world, literally. Early Saturday morning, a SpaceX Dragon cargo ship will carry the first operating 3D printer to the International Space Station, allowing astronauts to print essential tools for their missions. "This ...
3D printer heading to space could enable lunar explorationCNET
NASA's In-space 3D Printer Launches Tomorrow – The Unheard of Inside Scoop ...3DPrint.com
NASA Is Blasting the First 3D Printer Into Space TonightGizmodo
Yahoo News -Gigaom -Gizmag
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So, this exists: A working car has been 3D-printed out of carbon fiber plastic
Washington Post (blog)
Local Motors, the Phoenix-based 3D-printing company that built the car with help from Oak Ridge National Lab and the manufacturing company SABIC, says it's the first to 3D print both a body and chassis together. Other models, such as the Urbee, also ...


Dremel's $1000 Idea Builder hopes to bring 3D printing to the masses
3D printers are no longer gigantic DIY monstrosities that you have to assemble yourself, but they are far from being a consumer-ready solution — until now, perhaps. One of the biggest names in power tools is trying its hand at the future of ...
Dremel releases a 3D printer for the massesComputerworld
Dremel gives high-tech tools a spin with $999 3D printerCNET
Dremel announces personal 3D printerGizmag
The Australian Financial Review
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Boston Globe

Northeastern 3-D printer next big thing using tiny particles
Boston Globe
The next big thing in three-dimensional printing is small — so small it's practically two-dimensional. A machine unveiled Wednesday by Northeastern University promises to speed up the manufacturing and drive down the cost of everything from consumer ...
Northeastern unveils state-​​of-​​the-​​art nanoscale printing systemNews@Northeastern

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ProofX aims for better medical models through 3D software, printing
Chicago Tribune
Say “commercial 3D printing” and most people conjure a picture of whirring printers building knickknacks, fashioning toy robots, or, on the high end, producing expensive hyper-engineered parts for engine manufacturers. ProofX co-founders Nuha Nazy and ...


3D Solar Panel Printing, Integrating Solar Into Grid Not So Hard... (Solar News)
3D printing of solar panels may soon be coming to a home near you. (Solar Love). Duke Energy is investing $500 million into solar power in North Carolina. (Solar Love). Goldman Sachs is offering solar PV financing for lower than banks in Japan ...

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Baylor University Theatre Utilizes 3D Printing for Costume Design in Latest ...
intowoods 3D printing seems to be making its mark in just about every area of life. Whether it is the 3D printing of medical devices, prosthetic limbs, cars, or even houses, the technology has become a popular choice for all walks of life and fields of ...

Kobach changes mind, begins printing Kansas ballots
Friday the Kansas Secretary of State's office said counties can begin printing ballots for military and overseas absentee voters. Their choices for U.S. Senate include Republican incumbant Pat Roberts, Independent Greg Orman and Libertarian Randall ...

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Windows Phone Central

Microsoft adds 3D printing via cloud to application
Microsoft is extending its 3D modeling and printing application to the cloud, allowing users to create and print 3D objects with unconventional materials such as metals and ceramics. Users of Microsoft's 3D Builder application will be able to create 3D ...
Microsoft's updated 3D Builder app for Windows 8.1 offers cloud 3D printing ...Windows Phone Central
Microsoft and 3D Systems Team up to Offer a Cloud Based Printing Solution via ...3DPrint.com

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Super Awesome Me – 3D Scan & Print Super Hero Booths Open at 12 Walmart ...
The toy industry seems to be adopting 3D printing at an ever increasing rate. Hasbro, Inc., in particular, has embraced the technology quite swiftly. Instead shunning 3D printing as a threat to their core business of manufacturing toys and games, the ...
Walmart unveils awesome 3-D Marvel printing — for boys onlySheKnows.com
Hasbro Is Letting Kids Make Themselves Into Superhero Action Figures Through ...Business Insider
Hasbro Uses 3D Printing To Bring Superheroes To LifeBidness ETC
IGN -The City Wire -Kidscreen
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